Customer Testimonies

Revitalize your skincare with one of our DTJ ELXR Bundles, that promotes relaxation, boosts circulation, and ensures even distribution of products for a radiant complexion.
Watch our customers' unedited testimonies to see why DTJ ELXR Formula & Flavors are great for you!

Even Bubby Loves DTJ ELXR!


Matt's Testimony

"Recently I found DT&J products, and I wouldn't use anything else."

Gladis' Testimony

My favorite Auntie (don't tell LOL) She was suffering from dry skin and had tried other products unsuccessfully. She started using Black Soap Wash, Shea Souffle and the Hair and Body Oils (her fav) in combo. She was surprised that her still felt moist in evening. She loves our all-natural, organic full body formulas and highly recommends them...and she's one of my fav aunties as a result ;)

Malcolm's Testimony

Malcolm loves all the DTJ ELXR shine!!! He's particular about his hair care/self care hair regiment, but now DTJ ELXR Hair and Body Oil has become a staple and essential component in his stylings regiment. He was happily surprised by how long lasting his styling efforts were using DTJ ELXR Hair and Body Oil. He's appreciates products that don't leave build up due to non organic additives, so DTJ ELXR has become a go to for him. He's excite about more people getting to experience the quality and efficacy of our all-natural, organic full body spa and beauty treatments.

Andaiye's Testimony

Once Andaiye found DTJ ELXR, "...there was no looking back." Andaiye's a big fan, and believes DTJ ELXR was a life saver for her self-care during the pandemic. OG user from before the rebrand! She tells everyone she can about it. Talking 'bout, "Go cop you some." #maadlove

Tanya's Testimony

A friend urged Tanya to try DTJ ELXR formulas. She's come to love the quality and efficacy of our spa and beauty formulas. She loves how it makes her skin feel, because she has sensitive skin. She also likes that it's all-natural and organic. Another reason she highly recommends it is, "because it works". Don't listen to me, check her out for yourself...

Rob's testimony

A lil long, but the eye candy of it pure facts about DTJ ELXR products

Ol' School Love - Ms Pat & Pops

No review here. Just Fun & Love. Check Out Ms Pat and Pops lovin them some DTJ ELXR!


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